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Info - The Rose Hip Classroom


Each doll is its own individual. And just like our children, they are all different.


In order to accompany the inner life of the child, and to provide the kind of energy that the child looks for in a playmate, Waldorf dolls are intentionally given neutral facial expressions. Creating a doll is nevertheless a process that is very much full of life, which is why the dolls in my gallery seemingly express joy, surprise, and even gloom!


Adults make use of their experience to take in the world around them. For children, their experiences of the world around them become part of them.


A doll is a being that comes to life through the child, and can be the comfort, good friend, mirror, or support that the child needs when dealing with difficuly situations. The dolls are made of cotton fabrics and wool. The cotton “onesie” can handle endless hours of play, and the wool with all of its good properties makes for a warm doll to hug.


The doll is made to provide room for imagination, which is why I leave many details open for the child to interpret or to leave out. If you want a doll with a certain detail for your child, do not hesitate to ask.



Buying - The Rose Hip Store


If you want to buy a doll, you can either browse the gallery and choose from there, or you can

order a doll to resemble the new owner.

Write me a message about the doll that you want to buy, and it will be set aside for you.

When transfer has gone through, the doll will be sent. Shipping is around 70 SEK, depending on the doll and the destination.


The coverall dolls have coveralls that make up their body. They can not be undressed.


The dress-up dolls are delivered with the clothes that they are wearing in the gallery photos. If you order a custom doll, you can of course choose the clothes to go with the doll. If you want more clothes for your doll, the price of the clothes will be extra.


- The Largest doll (about 50 cm) costs 1800 SEK.

- The Medium doll (about 40 cm) costs 1600 SEK.

- The Small doll (about 30 cm) costs 1100 SEK.


- The Coverall doll (about 20 cm) costs 450 SEK.



Choosing a doll

There is no point in saying which doll goes with which age. You have to find out how the child feels about it.

(Not only children like Waldorf dolls!)


A doll stuffed with wool gives a comforting and pleasant weight to carry, and a warm friend to hug.


In general, younger children need a smaller doll, and older children dolls with more details and more clothes. However, a little person may also appreciate lugging a friend around that is almost the same size, and an older child may want a little friend for the doll house. Or the pocket!


The very youngest possibly enjoy a soft coverall doll more, for sleeping with and on.


About me

My name is Victoria, and I sewed my first Waldorf doll when I was a child in Waldorf school in southern Sweden. When I became a mother a couple of years ago, I took up sewing Waldorf dolls again. I was greatly helped by Karin Neuschutz’s books, that I warmly recommend.


I have a degree from Konstfack in Stockholm, and I make all the dolls and clothes, as well as the illustrations and the photos that you see on this website.

I want to thank my dear husband for all his support and help, and Karin Saether for help, tips and concrete advice about the website.