The Rose Hip Wardrobe


One this page are clothes and other accessories for the dolls. Only natural materials are used, and many of the fabrics are organic. The velour fabrics that make up the coveralls for the coverall dolls are always organic.


The clothes are made so that a child can easily dress and undress his or her doll. Detailings are chosen with great care, and buttons are in general made of wood or mother-of-pearl.


To make them easier to play with, there are also clothes with snap buttons and velcro fasteners.


Keep in mind that clothes with small detailings may be unsuitable for very youngest.


The clothes are all for sale, and if there is anything you would like to buy, be it knitted or sewn, you are always welcome to contact us.


When new clothes and accessories are added to the Rose Hip Wardrobe, they show up on this page, so keep your eyes peeled!


The beautiful knitted clothes are made by Grandma Ewa, which we are grateful for.